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Page 6: Lima

Last updated: 22/11/23

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Lima GBPSale Price
208393BN Re4/4, brown #17960.00

208157LPBN Re4/4, brown #18060.00

HL2003DB110 004-9,, blue60.00

HL2033DR V36 0-6-0 jackshaft diesel, black60.00

201092/3LGDSB Twin unit diesel railcar, maroon50.00

208325LOBB 2050 009-6 diesel, orange/cream stripes43.00

208118LGSBB Ae3/6", brown #1069835.00

208046SBB Ae6/6 #11520, green25.00

208144MGSBB Bm4/4 diesel, brown35.00

208203LPSBB RBe4/4 Railcar, green75.00

208157LPSBB Re4/4", green #1115245.00


309325kBLS Bogie Baggage, blue/cream14.00

309511kBLS 1st, mkII, Salon Blue, blue/cream20.00

309508kBT 2nd, lightweight, green/cream18.00
309570kDB CityBahn 2nd, orange/grey, ex Silverfish20.00

309250kDB CityBahn 2nd/Drivers, orange/grey, ex Silverfish28.00

309532kDB 1st open, two tone pink/grey15.00

309239kDB 1st/2nd Silverfish, blue skirt18.00
L309376DB Baggage coach for INTERFRIGO, light blue20.00

309637kDBAG 1st/2nd (ex Silverfish) two tone green/grey18.00
309565kDBAG 1st/corridor, two tone pink/grey15.00

309564kDBAG 1st/open, two tone pink/grey15.00

HL6011Deutsche Bundespost 4wh coach, green22.0020.00
309130kDRG 3rd Express, green15.00

309646kDRG Express baggage, green15.00

309229FS 2nd/drivers, D Deck, grey/orange/blue18.00

309548kMittelthurgau (Swiss) Panorama coach, red/cream20.00
149737-1kDB Silverfish x 3, Push/Pull set, blue skity65.00

309146kDB 1st/2nd Silverfish, blue skirt20.00

309579kDB 2nd/Drivers, Silverfish, orange face, black skirt25.00

309574kDB Airport Express 1st/2nd ABnrzb704, Silverfish/two tone blue22.00
309575kDB Airport Express 2nd Bnrzb720, Silverfish/two tone blue22.00
309534kDB Diner WRmh131, TEE, red/cream22.00

309533kDB Dome Car, TEE, red/crem22.00

9305NS Diner, two tone blue10.00

149824NS 3 X IC+ coach, blue/yellow50.00

309189SBB 2nd recess door, green/silver doors12.00

309268kSBB 1st heavyweight, green, late logo14.00

309297kSBB 1st mkII, green/late logo12.00
309297kSBB 2nd Hevyweight, green, late logo14.00

309670kSBB 2nd mkII, blue/grey/yellow doors20.00

309518kSBB 2nd mkII, green/early logo12.00

309268kSBB 2nd mkII, green/late logo14.00
309334kSBB Bogie baggage, green/late logo12.00
309515kSBB Hupac Support coach, turquoise18.00

309518kSBB 2nd lightweight, green/gold doors14.00

309613kSBB Le Buffet Suisse, purple/grey16.00


L302839kDB Bauknecht 4wh LWB van, grey7.00

302939kDB Bogie gravel carrier, grey9.00

303598kDB Tadgs Long Bogie Hopper, grey/factory weather16.00

HL6012DB STIV Bogie grain hopper, grey/green stripe20.00
30929-4kDB Cargo Bogie coal hopper, red12.00
HL6002DB Cargo Long Bogie stake with 3 x Cargo Cont, red20.00

L303194DB Glt 19 van miele, grey8.00

L303569DB Isover High Capacity van, white9.00
HL6027DB 4wh Talbot hopper, Getreide, brown15.00

SpecialDeutsche Post 4wh LWB24.00

HL6003DR Long Bogie Hopper, Getreide, brown/weather25.00

303535kDSB Hbis Slidewall van, brown9.00

85323SBB 4wh tanker, grey7.00
302805SBB Twin Silo wagon, grey (NEM pocket)7.00

303291kSBB k4 van (Oelwehr) van7.00

303230kSBB Rs Bogie flat wagon, grey12.00


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