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Page 6: Lima

Last updated: 29/05/19

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  Locos    GBP  Sale Price   
208393 BLS Re4/4 #183, brown   65.00    
L258161 BLS Re4/4 #188, Naters, brown, DCC   75.00    
208335LP BN Re4/4 #179, Bern, brown   65.00   2
HL2008 DB V300 001, maroon   70.00    
8227LS FS D342 diesel, brown   35.00    
8425LP FS E444 075, grey/red/blue   68.00 60.00  
8425LP FS E444 079, red/grey/black   55.00 50.00  
8314LP FS E444 118, red/grey   60.00    
208694 FS E4444 068 XMPR, grey/green livery, epV   70.00 55.00 2
HL2610 FS E636 082, brown, epIIIb   125.00    
HL2620 FS E636.019, brown   125.00    
HL2612 FS E636.082, brown   125.00    
149709 NS 4 Unit Hounshead EMU, yellow/blue   80.00    
208200LP SBB RBe4/4 #1403, green/red ends   70.00    
208203LP SBB RBe4/4 #1451, green   70.00   2
208183L SBB Re6/6 Uster, green   55.00    
L309495k BLS 1st EWI saloon Bleu, blue/cream, flush doors   22.00    
L309606k BLS 1st EWI, blue/cream, recess doors   16.00    
309669k BLS 2nd EWI, blue/cream, flush doors   22.00   2
309324k BLS Boggie baggage, green   14.00    
309326k BLS Bogie baggage, blue/cream (1989 livery)   12.00    
309571k BT 2nd, mkII, green/cream   18.00   2
309532k DB 1st open, two tone pink/grey   15.00    
309218k DB 1st TEE, red/cream, red skirt   15.00    
9471k DB 1st/2nd Silverfish   18.00 15.00  
309673k DB 1st/2nd, centre entrance, green   16.00    
309169k DB 1st/Corridor TEE Erasmus, red/cream   20.00    
309531k DB 1st/corridor TEE, red/cream   15.00    
309152k DB 1st/corridor TEE, red/cream (Blauer-Enzian)   18.00    
309639k DB 1st/corridor, dark blue/cream   15.00    
HL4005 DB 1st/open Rheingold TEE, red/cream   18.00    
309168k DB 1st/open Rheingold TEE, red/cream   18.00    
309170k DB 1st/open TEE Erasmus, red/cream   20.00    
309168k DB 1st/open TEE, red/cream   18.00    
309764k DB 2nd, centre entrance, green   16.00    
309631k DB 2nd, green, epIV   15.00    
9472k DB 2nd, Silverfish   18.00 15.00  
309404k DB Diner TEE, red/cream   18.00    
9590k DB Silverfish, 2nd/drivers, black skirt   18.00 15.00  
309637k DBAG 1st/2nd (ex Silverfish) two tone green/grey   18.00    
309145k DBAG 1st/2nd Silverfish, black skirt   15.00    
309565k DBAG 1st/corridor, two tone pink/grey   15.00    
309564k DBAG 1st/open, two tone pink/grey   15.00    
309577k DBAG 2nd (ex Silverfish), two tone orange/grey   18.00    
309579k DBAG 2nd Silverfish   15.00    
9529k DBAG 2nd, Silverfish, blue skirt   18.00 15.00  
HL6011 Deutsche Bundespost 4wh coach, green   22.00    
309529-1 FS 1st Eurofima two tone grey   18.00    
309507.1 FS 2nd Eurofima Gran-Confort, grey/cream   20.00    
309537-1 FS 2nd Eurofima two tone grey   18.00    
9488k FS 2nd/Bar/drivers centre entrance,    28.00 25.00  
309392 FS Sleeperette, blue/grey/orange stripe   16.00    
309272k SBB 2nd lightweight NPZ, blue/grey/yellow doors   22.00    
309334k SBB Bogie baggage, green, late logo   10.00    
309515k SBB Hupac coach, turquoise/white stripe   18.00    
309613k SBB Le Buffet Suisse, purple/grey   16.00    
309616k SBB Self Service Restaurant with panto, red   16.00    
HL6002 DB Cargo bogie stake with 3 x cont, red   20.00 16.00  
HL6002 DB Cargo Long Bogie flat with 3 x Swapbody, red   24.00 19.00  
3300k NS Cargo Bogie Hopper Eaos, red   7.00 5.00  
303638k SBB Holderbank x 2 bogie hopper set   18.00   2


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