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  Locos    GBP Sale Price 
38210 D+T motorised Ballast vehicle with crane, yellow   45.00  
17703 DB Akku Twin unit DMU (Railcar) ETA 180 016, maroon   95.00  
L104201 DB Br42 2339, epIII   95.00  
L133031 DB Diesel Baggage Railcar VT10 002, DCC fitted   80.00  
L133542 DB EMU ET1102, grey/blue   110.00  
L133542 DB ET1102 2 Unit EMU, grey/blue, epIII   175.00  
L133023 DB VT62 904 diesel railcar, maroon   95.00  
L133970/71 DBAG Flirt 429026, 5 unit set, red/grey (DCC fitted)   195.00  
L111103 DR 01 1062, 4-6-2 Streamline New 135.00  
L131540 DR 05 003 Streamline, red, epII   160.00  
L131356 DR 92 214, epIII   70.00  
L131400 DR 93 1359, 2-8-2T, epII   115.00  
L104503 DR Br45 026, 2-10-2 epII   135.00  
L131540 DRG 05 003, Streamline, red   128.00  
L105203 DRG 52 7535, 2-10-0, grey   118.00  
11250 EBT (Swiss) Be4/4, green   45.00  
L133102 HEX LINT27 Diesel railcar, white/yellow/blue, epV/VI   110.00  
L238105 Motorised works SkL X 953.04 with crane, yellow   50.00  
L104408 NS Werkslok #46, yellow   48.00 42.50
10610 BBO (Austrian) 21410, 2-8-4   110.00  
L131401 OBB 93 1359 2-8-2T, epIII   115.00  
L133000 OBB X625.033 Motorbahnwagen, green/cream   80.00  
L133000 OBB X625033 Motorbahnwagen, green/cream   85.00  
L133009 OBB X628112 Motorbahnwagen (Museum), epVI   85.00  
21 25 23 OBW 10, motorised track maintenance vehicle with crane, yellow (Conrad)   60.00  
380 Plasser + Thewer set, tamper + motorised crane + flat(weathered), yellow   60.00  
L112404 SBB Mak diesel epV Am 000-2, red/white stripe   60.00  
L112441 Siemens Mak diesel, white   60.00  
834k 150 Yr Set 5 x Skirts coaches (4 green + DSG Diner in red)   80.00  
L235000 Baden 4wh baggage Pwg bad21, epI, green   14.00  
L334562 Baden 3rd Eilzugwagen, green   25.00  
L327325 BBO 4wh 2nd, green, epIII   14.00  
L327335 BBO 4wh 3rd, green, epIII   14.00  
  Bodensee Toggenberg 4wh, red   15.00  
  Bodensee Toggenberg 4wh, yellow   15.00  
27950 BT 4wh baggage, LWB, green   15.00  
27952 BT 4wh coach, LWB, blue   15.00  
27951 BT 4wh coach, LWB, red   15.00  
27953 BT 4wh coach, LWB, yellow   15.00  
L328501 DB 2nd Eilzuwagen, recess door, green   18.00  
L328601 DB 2nd Eilzuwagen, recess door, green   18.00  
L328701 DB 1st/2nd Eilzugwagen, recess door, green    18.00  
L328731 DB Unterrichtswagen (works), recess door, grey   20.00  
L350011 DR ReiseZugwagen x5 set, Museum Nurnberg   90.00  
L381991 DB 2nd Langenschwallbacher, green, epIII   16.00  
L383355 DB 2nd, D-Zug Bue, epIV with LED lights at rear, green   20.00  
L383412 DB Skirts Mess wagon, yellow   18.00  
L383451 DB 1st/2nd D-Zug Abue, epIV, skirts, green   18.00  
L383621 DB Diner, skirts, maroon/grey   16.00  
L383801 DB Post, skirts, green, epIIIa   16.00  
L384201 DB Express 1st Gr28, blue, epIIIb   18.00  
L384551 DB 1st/Diner Arue, green, epIV   16.00  
L384901 DB Bogie Baggage (Budische Bauart) epIIIb, green   18.00  
L385111 DB Salonwagen of the Bundeskanzlers, epIV, green   20.00 18.00
L385301 DB Autotransport Coach, green, epIII New 20.00  
L385401 DB Salon diner, epIII, green   20.00  
L385401 DB Salon, skirts, green, epIII   18.00  
L383811 DBAG coach for crane set, epV, red   20.00  
L328731 DBAG Unterrichtswagen, grey, epIV   15.00  
838 Deutsche Bundesbahn 5 car, skirts 4 x blue + diner, red   70.00  
L350012 DR 2 x skirts coach 2nd + 1st/2nd two tone green, epIII   45.00  
L334018 DR 2nd 4wh Bitr 30-375,balcony ends, epIII, green   16.00  
L381502 DR 2nd B4ip, Ex Langenschw., epIII, green, 232-402 New 15.00 12.50
L381702 DR 2nd B4ip, Ex Langenschw., epIII, green, 232-403 New 15.00 12.50
L381602 DR 2nd B4ip, Ex Langenschw., epIII, green, 232-406 New 15.00 12.50
L381802 DR 2nd B4ip, Ex Langenschw., epIII, green, 232-407 New 15.00 12.50
L334017 DR 2nd, 4wh, green, epIII   15.00  
L384713 DRB 3rd Badische Express, green, epII   20.00 18.00
L384703 DRB 3rd Express Badische Bauart, green, epII   20.00 18.00
L381903 DRB 3rd Langen schwalbacker, green, epIII   20.00 18.00
L383503 DRG 1st/2nd/3rd, skirts, green, epII   20.00  
L334567 DRG 3rd C4i bogie, green   25.00  
L383303 DRG 3rd, skirts, green, epII   20.00  
27851 EBT 4wh 4rd, LWB, green   12.00  
27752 Feldschlossen LWB 4wh coach, blue   15.00  
27753 Feldschlossen LWB 4wh coach, green   15.00  
27751 Feldschlossen LWB 4wh coach, red   15.00  
L388345 OBB 2nd, Liegewagen, red/two tone grey/red roof   22.00  
26950 SBB  4wh baggage, gondola ends, green   12.00  
27550 SBB F3 4wh baggage, green   15.00 12.00
27550 SBB LWB 4wh 3rd, ,gondola ends, green    12.00  
27850 SBB LWB 4wh 2nd,gondola ends, green    12.00  
27850 SBB LWB 4wh 3rd, ,gondola ends, green    15.00 12.00
26951k SBB LWB 4wh 3rd, green (incorrect box)   15.00  
L334483 SBB 6wh 2nd (Old time), green   32.00  
L334485 SBB 6wh 2nd (Old time), green   32.00  
L334496 SBB 6wh baggage (Old time), green   32.00  
L334963 SBB NPZ EWI 2nd (35 135-6), yellow/doors   25.00  
L387514 SBB Diner Dr4 10112, maroon, epV museum coach New 22.00  
L387514 SBB Diner, ligtweight, Museumwagen, maroon, epV   15.00  
L387814 SBB 1st A42251, epV Museum coach, green   20.00  
L388004 SBB Speisewagen WRM, orange   20.00 18.00
L388104 SBB 1st RIC, green, epIV+   18.00  
L388884 SBB Swiss Express Driving Trailer, orange/grey   38.00 34.00
L388886 SBB 2nd/Drivers Swiss Express, orange/grey, epV New 35.00 28.00
27752 Swiss Feldschlossen 4wh coach, blue   16.00  
27753 Swiss Feldschlossen 4wh coach, green   16.00  
27751 Swiss Feldschlossen 4wh coach, red   16.00  
L350134 Swiss Jura Simplon 4 x ^wh coach set epI   80.00  
L224801 BADEN Menzer beer van, cream, epI   10.00  
L224811 BAV Lowenbrau van, white   15.00  
L240075 BLS 2 x Autotransport wagon, with numbers   50.00  
L240076 BLS 2 x Autotransport wagon, without numbers   50.00  
L221561 DB 4wh flat x flmmr37, epIII   10.00  
L225071 DB 4wh tanker, grey, epIII   10.00  
L225091 DB ARAL, 4wh tanker, white/blue   9.00  
L240051 DB Bauzugwagen set (coach + 2 x wagon)   40.00  
L220011 DB Bogie Low Level transport wagon with DB Artic load   15.00  
L225081 DB DEA, 4wh tanker, grey   9.00  
L221511 DB Flat kassel 1045 with 3 x loco wheel set   16.00  
219449 DB Flat with 4 x Weiherstephan barrel load (Conrad)   10.00  
L235075 DB middle tipping open with brake platform, brown, epIV New 11.00 8.00
20000 DB Saaks-z low level rolling road wagons (pair), brown   18.00  
L235764 DB Sahmms Bogie Flat with 6 x slab load   22.00  
L230991 DB 2 x Bath tub tender - Hilfs tank wagon, grey epIV   28.00  
L235065 DB El-u 061 open, middle hinged, brown   10.00  
L224431 DBAG Bogie Eaos open, brown   12.00  
L235480 DR 6wh Shell tanker, yellow, epII   16.00  
L235490 DR 6wh tanker Heyden Ag, grey   16.00  
L224806 DR Porter Beer van, black   10.00  
L235480 DR Shell 6wh tanker with brake hut, yellow   15.00  
L225303 DRG Oppeln van with brake hut, brown   8.00  
L235772 E+H Long bogie canvas cov wagon, yellow   18.00 13.50
L220901 Heavy Duty Transporter 'Trafo-Union' (14 axle)   45.00  
L221905 OBB E Villach steel open, brown   6.00  
L221705 OBB Wood open Villach Holz, epIII, brown   7.00  
L224704 SBB K2 van, 'Guter Fur Die Bahn', brown/silver door   10.00  
L225884 SBB Wascos Bogie Tanker, multicolour graphics   14.00  
24250 SBB Weiacher Kies twin tub gravel carrier, green/white   14.00  
L222306 SBB Xas bogie gravel hopper, grey   15.00  
L221207 SNCB 6 axle heavy bogie flat, brown   15.00  
L240006 SNCF X4 bogie Eaos open set   40.00  



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