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Tel: 0191 4133389

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 Last updated:14/03/18

  HO: Overland (Brass)      
  SOO Line MP 15AC #1518, red/white (TCS DCC fitted)   245.00  
  Norfolk Southern 3G521B #300, black/white with Horsehead logo DCC ready   295.00  
  SRR F-7A #4136, black/white, factory weather   235.00  
  MILW Road B-W Caboose with Prop Centre Truck sideframe (late), unpainted   85.00  
  HOn3: Westside      
  D+RGW C16 2-8-0 #268, black/grey   235.00  
  D+RGW K-37 #491, black/grey   235.00  

N: Hallmark Brass (By Samhongsa)      
  GP30 Standard Low Nose (undecorated)       115.00  
N: Overland (Brass)      
2909.1 UP 3 unit Gas Turbine #22, yellow       475.00